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100% Italian Design: Our collections are a perfect expression of classic Italian tradition. Nowadays technology is a fundamental asset but the craftsmanship: the choice of the raw materials, the attention to detail, the hand finishing, the sharing of opinions in the work group remain the heart of our company.

All our collections are conceived, then created by a whole staff of young people who produce the articles under the supervision of our Design Manager, Mrs Dea Mantellassi. The unique and exclusive items strictly follow Italian style and tradition and add a personal touch of elegance and refinement.

100% Italian production: After acquiring the finest thread from every corner of the world the entire production of Dea textiles is based in Italy. Small and big producers are deployed in the North of Italy or near the Dea plant.

Our creations are, instead, exclusively produced on our premises, thanks to the skillful hands of local professionals who pass on the tradition from mother to daughter. At the end of the process there is another stage that makes Dea products matchless: the ironing. This is done by hand by specialized staff and is the last precious stage of our quality control.

Collaboration among the staff is the real secret of the uniqueness of our collections: everyone adds extra value with her own special touch. No two items are alike; each piece is unique.