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Raw materials

The quality of Dea products stems from careful selection of textiles and an excellent relationship with our suppliers. This ensures perfection in making our products more durable. Our attention to the selection and to the quality of raw materials has enabled our technicians to develop textiles like our fine Satin. In every stage of the process, from the selection of the yarns to the end product, the key word is Checking and ensuring high Quality standards.

SATIN – made with an Extra Long Staple cotton yarn that gives the thread a very silky touch. Thanks to our technical studies we have reached a level of luminosity where the material both white and colored, is particularly brilliant :. You just have to touch it, to pass it through your fingers, or put it against your cheek, to feel the difference. It is a unique, silky material, woven with 100/1, 100/2, 120/1 and 140/2 yarn, the finest in the world. Our technicians worked hard to attain an item using uncontaminated raw materials that had to be both light and compact. The resulting textile is bright, resistant and silky soft. It will give you great pleasure. The color range presents more than 40 variations, combining neutral white or cream with more intense colors and the natural colors of nature.

VOILE – it is a light 100/2 double twist yarn-dyed textile. It is obtained by using very fine, twisted threads that are woven with an armor weave. With its freshness and transparency, it is the ideal choice for hot summer nights but can be pleasant in every season and in every country in the world. It becomes a pleasure to sleep in such precious feather-like material.

LINEN – This is a textile with a thousand-year history. It is considered the oldest vegetable fiber in the world. The first linen articles date back to around 8.000 B.C. but the manufacturing of this textile has remained the same and Dea is faithful to this tradition. The long fine fibers for our linen articles which come from Europe make our linen exceptionally strong with high humidity absorption, insulation and thermo-regulation and with hypoallergenic characteristics. Discover how Dea’s linen textiles can give your home a natural and elegant touch of class.

SILK – this textile is used only for our more demanding customers who require very valuable items which highlights all our more complex work and matchless charm. Thanks to its flowing, soft touch, silk allows us to create extremely fine articles with wonderful shimmering reflections.