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Soft, velvety, silky, cashmere is undoubtedly one of the most sought after textile fabrics. It is a very valuable wool obtained exclusively from the hair of the “capra hircus” and is exceptionally soft and wooly; it is pleasantly warm. The fibre is collected by hand combing the fleece during the moulting season in spring.

The word cashmere comes from Kashmir, the region of the Indian sub-continent divided among India, Pakistan and China, where the capra hircus goat is wild; the goat has been exported to other parts of the world, like Europe. Cashmere has been exported from Asia to Europe since the 1800s.

Our company, the leader in the production and marketing of home linen, uses cashmere in many products. Starting with the bedroom where it is used for duvet covers, quilts and bed spreads.