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Cotton fibre is obtained from the pure white, wooly material, cotton wool, which envelops the seeds of the cotton plant. It is a shrub, originally from India, Africa and America, which was brought to Europe by the Arabs. It is almost exclusively grown for the production of cotton fibre used for making fabric. The history of cotton fibre and fabric goes back a long time too. It was used to make clothes five thousand years ago in Mexico and Pakistan. It is famously resistant and cool and is used in both the clothing and the furnishing sector.

Our company, too, has always used cotton in many lines and collections.

From cotton, and from Extra Long Staple cotton yarn in particular, Dea produces a particularly soft, light satin which is exceptionally bright: technical research on the fabric has enabled us to reach a unique brightness, where both white and colours appear extremely bright. The resulting fabric is bright and silky soft and, of course, resistant and cool.