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Finishing touches and decorations

Our products are created exclusively in our factory by expert craftsmen, all local women who pass on their expertise from mother to daughter. At the end of the process, another stage that makes Dea products unique is the hand ironing that is carried out by our specialized workers and which is the last quality check.

The real secret of the uniqueness of our collections is all our staff working together; everyone adds their personal touch to the value of the article. “No product will ever be the same as another, it will always be unique.”

Dea designs and creates everything that is part of the production chain regarding bed sheets, duvet covers, bed spreads, quilts, toweling sets and table linen. Lace, embroidery and prints are the details we are well known for: the reason why whole generations in search of a personal, elegant touch to their home, choose our products.

For those clients who prefer simplicity of line, clean contours, Dea proposes popular plain colours. Neutral shades, like white and cream, pastel colours, like green and blue, but bright ones too that can make your rooms unique.