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Bath toweling

The bathroom is the most private part of the home but it is one of the most important. Items and fabrics are essential to outline taste and characteristics of the whole room. Toweling sets must therefore be not only functional, designed for one’s wellbeing, but decorative too. Therefore, Dea studies every detail of the collections and the lines for the bathroom, offering elegant incomparable towels, bathrobes and bath sheets. Every article has an unmistakable touch, the Dea touch.

As regards the fabrics for the bathroom, we only use cotton, offering different types of toweling for every requirement.

The most popular traditional combination includes 550g toweling, double loop, brushed cotton, soft finish. Able to absorb a great amount of water this set of towels is premium quality.

The bathroom sets in this material including bath sheets, towels, guest towels, lavettes, rugs and bathrobes, are available in 43 different shades coordinated with the same colours of the cotton satin used for the bed linen. This is a vast range of colours where each shade  perfectly matches the same colour of the item for the bedroom or the living area. In this way, we are able to coordinate not only the bathroom  toweling but even the linen for the entire home according to our clients’ tastes and preferences: another elegant touch we have chosen to offer. Apart from neutral colours like sand, white, cream and beige, a large choice of pastel colours are available. Furthermore, every year we propose a new fashion colour – different shades that follow the current trend.

Thanks to the competence of our designers and workers, we have also created another type of toweling, a premium quality cotton fabric we call “Soft” – 650g toweling, double loop, brushed cotton, soft finish. This product is softer, aimed at an elite range, and therefore in more classic elegant colours: white and cream.

Finally, Dea have produced a third cotton fabric, an even more exclusive, customizable product – 800g toweling, double loop, brushed cotton, soft finish called “Prestige”. This third type of toweling is acquired directly in roll from Italian producers enabling our staff to create special articles of unlimited size which are ideal, for example, for planes or yachts that need specific sizes.

All our bathroom linen can be customized, both regarding size, line and collection and colour and decoration. We can customize the fabrics further by offering specific cottons if required. Our toweling naturally meets all the requirements of our Spa, Hotel and Yacht clients.

Dea have also realized bath sheets for bathing facilities in the most prestigious luxury seaside resorts in the world.