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Bath sheets

Dea bath sheets are entirely made of soft cotton toweling. All our towel sets, including the bath sheets have a high level of water absorption and give the skin a pleasant clean feeling.

The bath sheets, like the towels and the bathrobes, can be made in three different types of toweling, all in brushed cotton, double loop and soft finish. We are thus able to meet all our clients’ requiremnts. The 550g toweling is available in 43 different colours, all matching the colours of the satin of the bed linen, giving the most discerning clients the possibility to coordinate all the home linen. A higher quality softer 650g toweling is only available in traditional white and cream. Finally, we have our “Prestige” 800g toweling which is available on roll for any required size: for example. for Spas, Resorts, Yachts and Hotels.

All Dea products for the bathroom are elegant with refined details and can be customized with embroidery and exclusive prints. Bath sheets, like towels, lavettes, guest towels and bathrobes are, furthermore designed to be practical and easily washed, guaranteeing a unique, durable softness and unrivalled absorption capacity from the start. Dea have also created and made bath sheets for bathing facilities in some of the most luxurious seaside resorts in the world.