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Dea proposes bathrobes too for its bathroom linen lines and collections. These practical items are increasingly required by all our customers – private clients, smart hotels, ships and health spas. Our company takes the utmost care in tailoring the robes, in men, women, children and baby sizes.

The bathrobe, as in all the toweling in the bathroom set, is made in three types of toweling – 550g ,650g and 800g – with double loop, brushed cotton, soft finish available in more than 40 different colours. Our bathrobes were designed by a well known local fashion designer we have been working with for many years.

We have the shawl collar style designed to be as snug as a hug after a relaxing bath or the one with a hood for the more practical guest. The bathroom collection in the child line was designed by a childrens’ fashion designer. There are two models: the traditional one with a hood for children from 0-8 years and for babies, there is the traditional triangle with a hood in which you can wrap the baby as in a blanket. These toweling items, as all the other Dea products, can also be customized. The bathrobe is perhaps the ideal article to be made to measure for each person. It is a perfect gift idea both for women and men – a special bathrobe with unique decorations like, for example, initials embroidered on the heart side or a name on the back.