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Bed linen

Dea bed linen lines and collections for the bedroom have been researched by our designers combining tradition and craftsmanship with innovation and fashion. This can be seen in every step of our production chain: first in the raw materials and the fabrics used, then the colours and the lines and finally in the decoration and the finishing touches that are customizable according to taste.

Every item for the bedroom, from the bed sheet to the duvet cover, from the quilt to the bedspread, has a beautiful, soft line and is made with easy to wash and iron fabrics.

Dea product quality begins here: a careful selection of fabrics and excellent cooperation with our suppliers allows us to produce articles characterized by an above average lifespan. The importance we give to the selection and the quality of the raw materials has enabled our technicians to produce fabrics like our extra fine satin. In every step of production from selection of the yarn to the finishing touches, the key word is Control and compliance of high quality standards.

SATIN – Made with Extra Long Staple cotton thread which makes the yarn silky. The degree of brilliance reached by our technicians makes both the white and coloured fabric particularly bright. You only have to touch it, hold it in your hand or lay it on your cheek to experience a wonderful feeling of wellbeing. It is a unique silky fabric. An enchanting feeling of lightness: the pleasure of bein wrapped in a fabric made with 100/1, 100/2, 120/1 and 140/2 yarn – the finest in the world. Our technicians have worked tirelessly to produce an uncontaminated product which was light and compact at the same time, The result is a bright, durable and silky soft fabric that gives you the feeling of being wrapped in its freshness. Dea offers a colour range with more than 40 variations combining neutral white and cream with stronger colours and the more natural colours of nature.

VOILE – Is a lightweight fabric – twisted 100/2, thread dyed. It is produced using very fine extra twisted yarn and plain weave. Cool and transparent, it is an ideal bed sheet fabric not only for hot summer nights but for pleasant sleep in every season and every country in the world too. It is a pleasure to sleep in such a light fabric, as precious and weightless as silk.

LINEN – With its history going back thousands of years, it is considered the oldest vegetable fibre in the world. The first linen products go back to 8.000ac, but its production remains rooted in tradition just like the Dea philosophy. Dea uses long, fine European fibres which give the linen maximum strength, high humidity absorption capacity, insulation and thermoregulatory properties and hypoallergenic characteristics. Discover how Dea linen fabric can add a natural elegance to your home.

SILK – This fabric is only for our most selective clients who require small pieces of great value which bring to light all our most complex and inimitable workmanship. Silk with its soft, flexible touch allows us to create exquisite articles with marvelous iridescent reflections.

The colours for the bedroom linen come from an Italian firm that produces 50 variations of different colours from the same laboratory. The wide colour range includes neutral tones, like white, cream, beige, grey pearl, and pastel colours like pink, yellow and green, perfect for bed linen. Every colour is available in at least three shades which range from light to dark. This means we can offer our clients maximum choice of colour and satisfy even the most particular requirement. Furthermore, we propose a new fashion colour every year: trendy tints like fuchsia or cobalt blue specially for the bedroom sets.

The colours for the bed linen come from the same exclusive solution as the articles for the bathroom. This enables us to match all the home linen, if requested, bed sheets with towels, bathrobes with quilts.

Then, of course, we have an infinity of matching finishing touches and decorations according to the quality of the fabric and the choice of colours. Prints and embroidery and elegant precious lace are meticulously produced combining antique traditional art with modern innovative techniques.