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Duvet covers

Soft delicate lines, classic or decisive colours, elegant, romantic decorations or trendy details. The Dea duvet cover range is able to satisfy every taste, with variations and shades carefully studied to embellish your bedroom. Our quality products have always guaranteed a careful selection of fabrics and raw materials, important according to the yarn required from all over the world. However, production only takes place in Italy and we supervise every step of production. Dea is a leader in the production and marketing of linen for the home thanks also to our commitment and dedication.

We propose fine fabrics for our duvet covers: satin, gingham, voile, cotton and silk. The different lines and collections are all carefully designed to offer our clients reliability and quality. They have different decorations and finishing touches expertly mixing colours and pictorial motifs. The duvet covers, like all of our linen, are completely customizable both regarding size and regarding fabrics, decorations, embroidery and colour. We can meet every requirement.

Our duvet covers come in all sizes: from double bed to single bed, for French beds and extra king size beds.