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Quilts, Lightweight quilts and Blankets

Warm, large, enveloping but elegant, refined and romantic too, the quilts and blankets are all produced in our quilt factory. They are one of the most important items of the bedroom linen. This product receives the same care and attention as all our other articles to guarantee our clients maximum use and functionality, without neglecting elegance. This is why the traditional craftsmanship for which we have been famous for generations makes the difference.

The design is studied and elaborated in coordination with the sheets and the duvet covers so they can complete the bedroom furnishings. The padding is either feather or 100% acrylic. This ranges from 80g minimum weight to 100g and 200g. For the light weight quilts, 350g and 380g and up to 450g for the heavy ones.

As the quilt fabric is directly produced, we can make decorative cushions to enhance the bedroom, the living area or for the children’s bedroom where play areas can be created.

Our company produces and markets only high quality articles – unique, exclusive items. We stand out because every step of the chain is supervised, starting from the selection of the raw materials. As for the other items that make up the bed set, we offer premium fabrics: satin, cotton, gingham, voile and silk. For the quilt padding we only use premium quality wool and cashmere: soft, warm fabrics which can make your bedroom unique.