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Living area, dining area, kitchen

Dea, leader in the production and marketing of home linen, have been producing carefully designed items also for the living and dining areas for years.

The main fabric used for tablecloths and napkins, runners and centre pieces is linen: a valuable fabric, thousands of years old, well known for its great strength.

Dea proposes different types of linen, like pure linen and fine linen. Our company also uses Panama cotton, 100% cotton with thicker yarn for our table items. This is a very strong durable fabric designed to withstand washing at high temperatures. Therefore, performance is guaranteed without forgetting elegance, sophistication, originality and above all , quality. The linens we produce are adaptable to our clients’ needs: the heavier linen is indicated for everyday use; a lighter weight, more transparent linen, but uniquely resistant, is for special occasions where a beautiful, refined, elegant style is required.

Our core business regarding the living area remains the craftsmanship and the finishing touches to our tablecloths, runners and centre pieces. Embroidery, prints, lace make unique lines and collections thanks to our inimitable creativity.

Finally, colour plays a vital role in designing and creating the living area, where the table is the focal point. Our staff are able to match and work with over 50 shades, with neutral or bright colours that can make your home happy and bright.

The colour combinations like the decorations, the details and the finishing touches are all customizable according to our clients’ requirements.