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Tablecloths are undoubtedly the main item in the kitchen and the dining area. Round, rectangular or square and the more casual table mats. Dea have a vast range of products suitable for every requirement.

Dea naturally prefers linen as the raw material: a fabric which is both heavy duty and elegant. Depending on its use, we have linen of different weights that combine elegance and beauty with maximum functionality.

Our company offers lines and collections for every taste for the living area: plain, bright colours, brilliant whites with lace and fantastic, elegant decorations. The essential requirement for transforming a room into a warm, welcoming, elegant area is refinement and sophistication. Dea manage to combine this aspect with the need to guarantee a resistant, durable fabric that can withstand washing at high temperatures. Our tablecloths are also designed to guarantee maximum ease in the care of the fabric, in washing and ironing.