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For women

There is no article of home linen a woman would not appreciate. Ladies of all ages and tastes love exclusive elegant articles designed to give every corner of the house a touch of class.

Starting with the kitchen and the living area, Dea proposes unique lines and collections that combine the unique, perfect quality of the fabrics with the craftsmanship of our workforce who are able to create real masterpieces for the home. There are also many ideas for the bathroom with soft cotton toweling  sets. In the bedroom, elegant bed sheets, quilts and duvet covers can change the look of the whole room while fitting in with the furnishings.

There is, therefore, no Dea article that would not be suitable for your wife, your mother or a friend. Furthermore, our designers and craftsmen are able to customize every article by adding the embroidery and colours required and matching lines and embroidery to make a special gift.