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A sunny morning illuminating Milan, a city that seems to never stop, greets us upon our arrival at Dea home.
A feeling made even more intense by the explosion of a total white we are overwhelmed at our entrance.
You need just a quick look around to know immediately that the theme of our idea is that of perspective.
A perspective intended as a glance, or better, as crossing glances at the past, at the future, at faraway lands telling their story  in every corner.
The colour is inserted into the central board  of the duvet and pillowcases as an almost conceptual element accompanied by ajour made by our expert hands.
A play of geometries and proportions accentuated by the contrast of the optical white background and the edges in jacquard with warp in natural white.
The strong contrast with the Vanity  woolen ground bedspread makes the parure more harmonious and refined.

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