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Classic shapes, glamorous details and a Boho Chic touch. The Dea Campanella embroidery interprets the language of a story written on ancient drawings of Ms Dea’s teacher. Initially the embroidery was done according to ancient techniques and then innovated by reproducing design in shapes and colours and produced with computerized embroidery machines. The Dea Campanella embroidery is only the beginning of a small reality ,but with deep roots, which develops and changes staying true to its origins. The cotton, soft and light, is perfect to bring out the fiery colours of geometries and iconographic symbols of a world like the Campanella one. The vintage style success marked the return of embroidery, restoring its former glory and its decorative potential. Chic and sober at the same time, the Campanella collection is suitable to a glamorous interior but also to a room with a modern look. Campanella is perfect for vintage lovers: it magically combines the ancient and the modern style and revisits, with elegance, classic furniture with Louis XVI style. Intimate and cozy, the bedroom is the place that best absorb all the emotions that characterize us. Decorate your bedroom with your style choosing from the Campanella collection’s wide range of colours. You can find it in this turquoise that matches the marine colours of the sea, but also in more soft and classic colours to adorn your bed with sobriety and class.
In the picture it’s accompanied by the white and the turquoise Brillantine bedspread that enhances beauty and the precision of the embroidery and its crops.

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