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Wisdom and beauty of the Made in Italy craft are transformed by Dea into an exclusive, graceful and elegant collection: The Caroline Rose.
The representation of the flower par excellence, the rose, its nuances, its delicate and natural shades, its classic and modern shapes blend into a single dream: the one that makes Dea Italian products unique in the world.
Nature is represented and captured by the expert hands of an Italian painter that brings to life a flower that shines in our houses’ outdoor and that lands in the indoor in a thousand facets and on different objects:
bed, wallpaper and  porcelain. A hymn to the Italian craftsmanship. If colour is the main inspiration of Dea print collections, the arrival of the next season focuses on a new colour palette, with the transition from warm to cold temperatures, by contrast reflected in the domestic. The soft colours of summer give way to lively colours, but warmer and compact, perfect to create an enveloping atmosphere.

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