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A style, a fashion, a thousand ways to reinterpret your home… Let’s go with polka dots! Here is a collection of linen completely dedicated to the restyling of your home, where the legendary polka dots fantasy grabs the spotlight for a truly special result. A bed linen collection, tablecloth and towels.  A must have for spring and summer days and nights, this collection matches with elegance every home style bringing a fresh and feminine touch with retrò hints. Polka dots and colours for the joy of life to find in every living space.  A simple decoration with a touch of cheerfulness dressing your bed and using the white base as background for something that allows you to make good dreams …Coloured polka dots in bright shades from yellow through orange, coral and fuchsia up to the cobalt blue without forgetting the neutral shades of white, cream, gray and beige. The polka dots embroidery on the surface of the duvet, on the upper part of the pillowcases and on the the sheets revers gives the modern or classic bed a splash of colour that illuminates all the rooms. The polka dots embroidery is also available for towel sets, beach towels, guest towels and lavettes; once again is possible to create a coordinated and cheerful night space in our homes. The towel sets range from coloured cotton with matching colour embroidery to white fabric where a touch of colour is given by the embroidery.

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