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Essence of white. A colour, which is not really a colour, made of intense brightness and wearing a thousand values in every corner of the world. Symbol of purity and peace, the white becomes a bulwark of furnishings, bath and bed linens. Invite this colour into your home with its magical hues and make it the absolute protagonist declined in its most modern soul. Here’s everything you need to beautify the bedroom with quality sheets, duvet covers and modern terry cloths, all of them with beautiful design beautiful design. The intense and sophisticated design, brings up the name of this magical colour.
Dreaming with open eyes on a soft cotton cloud…
The white evolved in other classy shades and elegant colours such as champagne, ivory and silver to suit all tastes while maintaining tasteful colour brightness and refinement of the raw material.
Fashion is not a common lace, is woven on rebrodè looms with PIMA Cotton yarn, a precious cotton with organic registered trademark. Dea studied the perfect combination between the yarn and the finished product by creating a collection of great value for both the sleeping and the relaxing area.

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