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The precious Dea essences, starting from raw materials, have been carefully thought out by Ms Dea with an industry specialized partner. The Fragrance collection stems from the desire of Ms Dea to create a perfect environment for your home and the desire to bring a breath of perfume in its garments. Ms Dea personally conducted inspections in those areas of Provence where the two proposed fragrances have been created. Fragrances are enhanced by the fact that they are completely natural and produced with organic alcohol and free of chemical residues.

The Dea fragrances are sophisticated, unique and offer a world of different and delicious products resulting from the different experiences of the house. A world of essential oils that include creations that can be sweet or spicy, delicate and sensual, fresh and sumptuous. Fragrances, in themed collections, are presented in blown glass bottles. Instead, the staff working with Ms Dea followed the design of the bottle evoking the oval shape of the Dea logo that distinguishes the company among its customers. Extra-clear glass and eye-catching design are the setting for both traditional and contemporary home furnishings.

Creativity, concept of the new trends, use of high-quality products, research and craftsmanship are the secrets of the success of this new proposal in Dea collections. These unique creations combine the charm of ethereal scents with the elegance of shape, line and color.

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