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The waves crashing into the shore perpetuate the classical charm of Italian beaches.

The elegance of simplicity becomes a real sign of distinction.

Dea played with different palettes of ecru, turquoise, green and transferred them to bed sets and duvets… and there’s more… thinking about all the needs to decorate our homes indoor and outdoor, Dea created a selection of tablecloths and printed towels with the same hues.

Turquoise, terracotta and green are break colours that light up, with great harmony, the “Made in Italy” mood invading the living room and the beach with contemporary style accents.

The ecru meets the white, the colour leader, and the warmth of the bronze shades that goes great with the light of the sunset. The style of the Oceano collection is much more than just an aesthetic formula, it’s pure culture, a heritage inherited from an Italian Dolce Vita passed on for generations.


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