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The Rey collection has a linear and refined elegance and is the result of intuition and of a unique history. Sheets, duvet covers and accessories in style details brighten the house with the latest colours. Dea created the Rey collection following the colour trends in 2016, Rose-Quartz, Serenity, Lilac Grey and Iced Coffee. Lace and soft cotton fabric with vintage finishing give a contemporary look to the collection and to your home.

Original and thought for all kind of furniture, this look can be combined with both current and consolidated painting colours. If there is a fabric with a true natural soul, this is definitely the American percale. Its “rough” appearance make it genuine, fresh and pleasant to touch and sight.

It’s the ideal fabric for table cloths, pillowcases, bed sheets. Super durable, simple, versatile: another indispensable material for your natural living.
The right idea for the contemporary home. Discover the collection and create your own style.

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