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Special Project

Every item is created by our specialized tailoring workforce, our designers, our managers’ ideas, in the heart of the company. Dea collaborate and fulfil major projects thanks to the possibility to customize every component of their products (threads, colours, fabrics, logos, coats of arms, monograms), that decorate the home, from the bedroom to the bathroom, from the living room to the kitchen. Fashion trends, in terms of production, applications, colours and fabrics, are inspiring.

The right mix between modern and traditional
Traditional craftsmanship in producing the items gives Dea the possibility to customize them at every stage of production, creating genuine tailored jewels. Dea is therefore able to design and create customized articles thanks to a longstanding collaboration with well known architects and interior designers. In addition to home furnishings, Dea has fulfilled contract projects for Spas and Luxury resorts, yachts and prestigious hotels. Dea defines their products as special, with luxury and elegance as their business card in furnishing bedrooms and bathrooms.

With a workforce that mixes tradition and innovation with experience and originality, Dea have collaborated with hotels, yachts, Spas, private airplanes, villas, aristocratic residences and royal palaces. They have created entire collections of exclusive customized home linen. Bed sheets, towel sets, bathrobes and rugs which match curtains and wallpaper, coats of arms, monograms, symbols and our clients’ distinctive designs. For the living area we match tablecloths, napkins and cushions to upholstery, frescos, paintings and dinner services, on which we can also reproduce coats of arms, monograms, symbols, customers’ distinctive designs. Our focus is on the customization of the items as it represents the essence of the realization of unique, traditional production processes which create unique articles and are a Made in Italy point of reference all over the world.

For this reason we have created a separate branch for this type of project where each client will have his own production team and the possibility to come and see and check every stage of production of his project. Our experience and the expert workmanship in particular projects, now a rarity in this field, enables Dea to meet the consumer and business client’s every requirement. Every article receives the same attention regardless of the client, therefore each bed sheet or quilt or other item will be unique because it will be hand made by different workers.

Our clients enable us to create unique articles
Dea meets their clients’ requirements with a collaborative customization policy as together with each client they define the specifications of the product or are able to better meet his requirements, producing customized linen.