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Shades of a light colour shape accessories that stand out for a charming simplicity but with strong personality.
An eclectic and sophisticated collection rediscovers the essence of the pure Dea style through the iconic semi-plains motifs.
Ultra modern embroideries and vintage style laces  to coordinate with wool accessories in retrò taste for a fascinating combination and a lived-in look.
A metropolitan world, a thousand different aspects which from the great revolution fly to the present showing their most glamorous and elegant side.
Sfumature  meets history, the charm of the vintage world, the seduction of forms related to the most creative and essential design.
That’s an incredible collection of fabrics with shaded motifs for bed linen and home decor for a modernity that knows how to win.
This collection is represented by very timely and practical elements in satin finished silk and wool complements thart adhere perfectly and are resistant to wear and washing; available in a sophisticated colour palette.
With just a few gestures the living room changes look with an absolute quality.
The doors are wide open on a delicate and refined world with a collection that embodies the essence of the tradition with classic design, romantic details and some retrò ideas.
In this way every corner of the house tells the beauty of simplicity with a timeless and elegant, but still relevant, accent.

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